November 15, 2019

SEMA 2019 Wrap-Up

ILC was honored to return to one of the top automotive events in the world, SEMA 2019.  This makes the 19th show for ILC and quite possibly one of the best! For those who don’t know, SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) occurs yearly at the fabulous Las Vegas Convention Center and is the premier event in the automotive aftermarket industry. With more than 70,000 buyers in attendance annually, ILC is always fortunate enough to make new friends, see new things, and learn about the ever-expanding world of auto-related products from other companies and the expert SEMA staff!

And let us tell you something - this year was no different!

We were able to connect with new business partners and had over 700 visitors to our booth! We were able to display and demonstrate our extensive range of engineered security products including our brand new GT Handle Actuator and GT Power Lock Module, to great acclaim!  In addition, we previewed our Bluetooth® locking system for truck tonneaus and caps and our first-generation roof-top clamp system for tents, bike, and sport rack applications.

As exciting as all the new things are every year, including product launches and more, that’s not the sole focus! We also treasure our time at SEMA to be able to connect with our existing partners and learn how we can further develop products that exceed the needs and desires of their end-customers. We get the opportunity to chat with industry-leading experts about our innovative product lines for the automotive world, as well as adjacent markets such as the Overland Expo, to stay ahead of the curve. The SEMA community mindset is of equal parts learning, connecting, and experiencing, always making for a show like no other in the world. 

All and all, we consider SEMA 2019 a huge success and plan on taking some of the thoughtful feedback and new partnerships we received to continue and grow our global brand into 2020. We can’t thank everyone enough that came by our booth and applaud the SEMA team for another captivating event. Job well done!

We’re looking forward to more exciting things next year and can’t wait to share some news with you very soon!


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