March 27, 2019

ILC in Real World Application

We are a leader in the design and manufacture of security and access hardware.  Located in Illinois with an arsenal of cam locks, latches, hinges, security hardware, and full latching systems. ILC supports multiple industries; we’re here to bring engineered access solutions to your unique applications. 

Every year we grow our solutions by tackling new challenges and learning how to evolve our manufacturing capabilities. Since our first locks in the 1930s, we’ve invested in our skills and grown our abilities to design, engineer and manufacture.

From sport rack applications and hardware to specialty electro-mechanical locking designs for locking tonneau covers on pick-up trucks and Jeeps,  ILC is pushing forward in manufacturing reach.

Catch us at events like SEMA where we launch new product news or on our blog where we like to celebrate the industry with featured articles.

If you’re interested in product samples or details on what ILC can achieve in custom engineering, contact us today!

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