Storage + Enclosures Applications

Our lock solutions range from standard products to engineered access solutions for a range of applications in the storage segment. Our focus is always to provide a solution that meets the demands of your application. We have built solutions for lockers, toolboxes, and other indoor storage uses. Our goal is to add value to our partner's applications by solving their unique design challenges through engineering, manufacturing and adaptive technologies. ILC can help you solve your design challenge through a range of standard lock system products, modified standard products or a unique engineered solution.

Signal Enclosures

Our solutions for outdoor enclosures range from standard solutions that meet NEMA, IP, UL, DOT, CE and RFI / EMI specifications. We also offer engineered solutions that go be...

Tool Boxes

Our locking solutions for Garage Tool Boxes feature drawer slides and cam locks. To see what we can offer you, please browse our high-quality products.

Intelligent Locker Systems

At ILC, we offer electronic access solutions for remote storage applications requiring higher levels of security and traceabil...

Control + Electrical Boxes

Indoor enclosures designed to shield and protect sensitive or dangerous operations.

Outdoor Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures used to shield and protect operations for electrical delivery and signal controls.