Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you have a minimum order?

    In order to maintain our manufacturing efficiency and throughput, ILC does require minimum order quantities and values. This is individually based on product type and manufacturing requirements. We also have authorized distributors who can assist customer requirements that do not meet our minimums.

  • How can I request a customized product?

    Our staff of Key Account Managers and design engineers specialize in developing custom solutions for unique application. Certain solution minimums exist for these development projects.


Product Inquiries

  • Do you only make locks?

    ILC engineers and manufactures individual solutions, including locks, latches, hinges, clamps, and engineered access hardware. We look forward to understanding your requirements and helping to provide you the correct solution.

  • Do you offer replacement keys?

    Most of our end-customers have replacement key programs; please contact the manufacturer of the application directly or a reputable local locksmith.