Truck Bed Tool Box

Our push button or lock and latch systems for Truck Tool Boxes integrate core removable locking systems that tie to internal latching mechanisms. With this technology, end users can streamline their locking systems and increase their ease of use and efficiency in managing their fleets.

Short Wing Handle DC698


  • Outdoor wing locks resist moisture, dust, salt and extreme temperatures.
  • Short length for tight spaces.
  • Various Cams, rotations and key pulls.
  • Available keyed alike or keyed different in multiple lengths.
  • 200 key changes.
  • Automotive style dust shutter.
  • Optional built in flip up cover.
  • Automotive style reversible key with optional plastic over molding.
  • DC699 can be used with rotary/slam latches.

Material and Finish

  • Housing: Zinc alloy, with stainless steel scalp and upgraded dust shutter.
  • Finish: Textured black powder coat.
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Custom Multi-point Latching System

This is a customizable product. If you are interested, please click the Request or Customization buttons below to fill out a form. 

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2 Inch Position Control Hinge


  • Constant torque and smooth rotation for the following applications: Vehicular, Aerospace, Seating Medical, Electronics, Kiosks
  • Large size hinge, increased haptics
  • Long cycle life, zero maintenance
  • Zinc alloy material with black paint finish
  • 20,000+ cycles (+/- 20% of static torque value)
  • 270° rotation
  • Maximum radial load of 155 N (35lbf)
  • Maximum axial load of 155 N (35lbf)

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Rotary Latches 20LBS


  • Geomet under black e-coat finish
  • 1/4 - 20 through threaded axles
  • Bottom pull design creates better cable and rod angles
  • Case-hardened internal components for increased life
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Duo High Security Cam Lock


  • Pick resistant lock.
  • Stainless steel guides to deter drilling.
  • 14 tumbler triple bitted keyway.
  • Positive tumbler operation provides for mechanical movements of the tumblers without the aid of springs. The feature reduces failures caused by dirt, corrosion or freezing.
  • 14,000 primary keys available, 200 master keys, 30 grand master keys.
  • Stainless steel ring between plug and barrel for pull resistance.
  • Triple bitted keys with side serratures controlling secondary tumblers not duplicable on standard machines.
  • SD6416 Series

Material and Finish

  • Housing: Zinc Alloy.
  • Finish: Bright Chrome US26 (Standard).
  • Satin Nickel US15 or Black E-Coat (Optional).
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