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Spring Bolt Cam Adapter

  • Illinois Lock's new RapidCam™ adapter converts standard cam locks, E901 Electronic Cam Locks, Handles, and Keyless Latches into self-locking latch bolt locks.
  • Innovative RapidCam™ replaces the traditional steel cam and allows for slam shut feature when locked.
  • Reduces the risk of cam scratching the application when door is closed and in the locked position.
  • Simple, push to close and lock functionality.
  • Eliminates metal on metal (cam to metal application).
  • Ends issue of cam bending on application frame when closed in locked position.
  • The removable tips allows for 1/8" and 1/4" adjustment to the locking point.

Material and Finish

  • Latch: PA66 + GF15% (Nylon 66, 15% glass filled).
  • Base: White POM+PTFE.


RapidCam315-350 diagram
Part Number 2D 3D Cam Boss Size Screw Size
RAPIDCAM315 3D 0.315 M4-0.7 x 20mm
RAPIDCAM350 3D 0.350 1/4-28 x .750

Application Information

RapidCam315-350 application information

Accessories/Replacement Parts

Flush Mount Tip
1/8 Offset Tip
PN: TIP125
1/4 Offset Tip
PN: TIP250

In-stock Cam Locks

Stock ID Cam Boss Size
RAPIDCAM315 0.315
RAPIDCAM350 0.350

All In-Stock RapidCam™ Kits Supplied with following Hardware:

  • [1] Flush Mount Tip
  • [1] 1/8 Offset Tip
  • [1] 1/4 Offset Tip
  • [1] Mounting Screw w/lock washer
  • [1] Strike w/mounting screws
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