The Illinois Lock Company sells locks that can be used for a number of different industries and applications. We have many different types of locks, including as cam locks, knob locks, switch locks and miniature locks. Each of these locks can be used in a wide variety of applications, which makes our products versatile, as they are not limited to just one industry.

We have dozens of locks in stock to meet the demand of low lead time jobs for metal stamping houses as well as injection molding projects. For the vehicle industry, we have a wide variety of outdoor rated cam locks, wing locks and handles. They can be used for many applications such as truck caps, tonneau covers, recreational vehicles and automotive aftermarket products.

Another industry we serve is tool storage. From in stock standard cam locks, to high security cam locks, to weather resistant cam locks, our engineering department can design custom cam locks for just about any application, primarily tool boxes and garage storage.

For cash management, we offer the right level of security and protection. Some of the applications we can create locks for in this industry include vending machines, ATM machines and kiosks. We manufacture many other locks as well, such as high amp switch locks, high security locks, keyless locks and much more.


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