Wheeling, Illinois – The innovative new Illinois Lock Company RapidCam™ spring bolt cam adapter replaces the flat steel cam used on traditional cam locks with a glass-filled Nylon 66 latch. The spring-loaded latch features an angled design, so that when in locked position, closing action simply moves the latch down, avoiding damage, then immediately moves it back into locked position.

This action of the new RapidCam adapter eliminates the chance of scratchin an application by metal-to-metal contact when a drawer is accidentally closed while locked, or of bending a cam as it strikes the application frame, making it unusable. It also benefits users by offering them the convenience of simple "push to close and lock" functionality.

RapidCam is available in two models: RapidCam315, with a .315 cam boss and M4-0.7 x 20mm attachment screw; and RapidCam350, with a .350 cam boss and 1/4-28 x .750 attachment screw. All stock RapidCams are supplied with the latch, attachment screw and spring-loaded base, as well as three tips. These include a flush tip (TIPFL), a 1/8 offset (TIP125) and a 1/4 offset (TIP250). RapidCams can also be ordered with the desired tip installed.

RapidCam adapters convert a wide variety of Illinois Lock cam locks, E901 electronic cam locks, handles, and keyless latches into a self-locking latch bolt lock, offering customers unique convenience without sacrificing the assurance of locked security.


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