Illinois Lock offers a wide range of locks for Kiosk applications. These include both miniature and standard-sized varieties of cam and switch locks, to ensure a perfect fit. Push-in style locks for models that incorporate the Tablet or the IPAD are also available. We offer keyless locking, as well.

We can accommodate any type of kiosk. As with any intended application, we have capabilities for keyed alike, keyed different and master keying. High security locks are an option for kiosks that require extra protection due to money or data contained within the machines.

We understand the advantages provided by kiosks in presenting products to consumers in sophisticated ways through intelligent design that ensures a smooth transaction process. We have experience supplying manufacturers of cutting-edge kiosk models with locks that complement their sleek appearance. As the technology for any industry we serve progresses, we strive to evolve along with it.

Indoor or outdoor, keyboard or touchscreen, whatever style kiosk, our locks will assure that the important and valuable components remain safe and fully functioning. Our assortment of locks includes weather-resistant, quick install, economical, and padlock-able types.


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